Summer School

Poster Summer School 2012

The Chair of Polish Public Law is granting talented students and young graduates from Germany, Poland and Thailand scholarships, which enable them to take part in a challenging educational Summer School to be held from 23^rd to 29^th September 2012 in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany.

The Summer School forms part of a scientific research project, which is dedicated to the fundamental rights system in Germany and Poland. Just on the borderline between the two countries of concern, the students and graduates will have the opportunity to discuss current and future challenges in the field of fundamental and human rights. As part of the programme, that will focus on legal

issues but might address a large number of social, historical, political and economic issues as well, the participants will travel to Berlin.

Participants are chosen by way of registering online (see the following pages). All applicants are obliged to add a nomination letter. Online applications are welcome. A jury comprising of the programme partners will be jointly electing the participants and scholarship-holders.

The seminars, lectures and debating clubs are delivered in English. There is no tuition-fee and those participants selected will be granted accommodation and a daily allowance. Please visit the following pages for more details on application, accommodation, scholarships, schedule and course contents.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Willkommen! Witamy! Welcome!


Forschungsprojekt / projekt badawczy